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Coinbase is facing yet another lawsuit as a result of its NASDAQ listing

Coinbase is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States of America, the country of opportunity. For quite some time,...

SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple to end soon

Ripple could win its lawsuit with the SEC, says former SEC executive, Joseph Hall.XRP trading is likely to resume in the US...

SEC Enforcer Leaves the Department behind the new Ripple Lawsuit

SEC Enforcer Marc P. Berger, Acting Director of the US Securities and Exchange Commission's Compliance Division, who pushed the ripple case,...

Craig Wright of Bitcoin SV Won’t Escape Latest Crypto Lawsuit

Dispute over Wright's early holdings in Bitcoin will proceed in court amid demands for a delay. Bitcoin SV...
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Latest Solana outage leave users liquidated

Solana’s recent outage took it offline for over 24 hours and left some of its counting their losses.

‘Ponzi Schemes Have Created a Negative Reputation for the Industry’ — Uganda Blockchain Advocate

Education and awareness campaigns are still viewed as important channels that draw people to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This has been particularly...

Novatar: Defining Your Virtual Identity

We live in an increasingly digital world where many of our day-to-day interactions take place on an online medium. We talk...

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Says He Will Buy More Even if BTC Tests $20,000

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best-selling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad” says he will buy more even if BTC tests $20,000