Rolling up the sleeves: China’s tech giants drive digital yuan adoption

CBDC tests are proceeding toward deployment, as Chinese internet, fintech and e-commerce giants are leading the digital yuan vanguard.

Binance and Microsoft Enter Enjin’s NFT Project

Enjin's cryptocollectibles website, JumpNet, has attracted more than 50 businesses. According to an announcement on Enjin's website, the...

How PKT Cash Acts as a Financial Incentive for People to Connect to the Decentralized PKT Network

PKT Network is a ground-breaking new way for internet users from all over the world to contribute to an open-source internet...

Should we have a Blockchain Voting System?

The fight for democracy has lasted centuries. Many human societies, from pre-colonial Africa to ancient Mesopotamia, have operated on the premise...

$525,000 for the Uniswap V3 Video NFT

Uniswap's V3 teaser was tokenized and sold for 310 ETH. The video's producer has promised to donate the proceeds to charity.

With a major upgrade and a slew of new features, IOTA hopes to reclaim its former glory.

IOTA isn't what it used to be, but its developers are working to change that. And a big overhaul is the...

A $1.5 million bid is received for Beeple’s CarbonDrop ‘OCEAN FRONT’ NFT

Mike Winkelmann (a.k.a. Beeple), a well-known digital artist whose art collection sold for more than $60 million, is auctioning another piece...

What does the latest ‘Statemint’ plan mean for Polkadot governance?

According to a press release from Parity Technologies, the company expects to build and propose Statemint, a generic assets parachain, as...

Ethereum 2.0 Merge May Be a Priority for Developers

It's possible that a more accessible version of Ethereum 2.0 would be released earlier than anticipated. Two Ethereum...

Governance in 2021: What the future holds for Cardano (ADA)

In a recent YouTube video, Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, looked back at 2020 and how it helped shape Cardano...

Is Defi Coming to Bitcoin Cash? An Overview of Detoken and the Anyhedge Protocol

Maybe you’ve heard of Anyhedge. Last April, published an article about its announcement, but what is it really? What does it do,...

IBM Building -459 Fahrenheit Fridge to House World’s Largest Quantum Computer

With the premise that it might house a record-setting quantum computing machine, IBM is designing a huge super-fridge.
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Bitcoin Price Up Over 4%, Fed Retains Interest Rate Between 0% and 0.25%

Bitcoin price is still trapped in a recent dip that saw the asset shed over 11% in the past 30 days. 

Snoop Dogg’s claimed NFT avatar holds $17 million worth of punks, Meebits, and virtual joints

Snoop Dogg has revealed that he is behind the whale NFT account holding millions worth of the digital asset.

Coinbase exchange set to propose regulatory framework for US authorities

Coinbase exchange to propose regulatory framework for US authorities next month.This is after SEC threatened to sue Coinbase.Coinbase rolls out vacancy to...

Federal Reserve Soon to Release Report on CBDC Launch, Says Jerome Powell

The Federal Reserve is considering whether to implement its own digital currency, which will be discussed in an upcoming crypto report.