Terra to Deploy $139 Million in DeFi Projects to Enhance UST Use Cases

The plans are in line with Terra founder Do Kwon’s intention to make UST a dominant player in the crypto space.

Grayscale Removed Bancor Network Token (BNT) and UMA Protocol From DeFi Fund

Grayscale added AMP to its DeFi Fund, while BNT and UMA will no longer be part of the product.

The first usable Cardano DeFi dApp goes live, and it’s not SundaeSwap

Cardano's DeFi ecosystem gets off to a start in the New Year with a total value locked of $845k over two...

All you should know about Astroport–AMM built to become Terra ecosystem’s DeFi liquidity hub

According to the Astroport team, everything is set for the ASTRO-UST liquidity pool to be integrated with the AMM's smart contracts.

Canadian teen faces arrest warrant over DeFi hack in ‘code is law’ case

Is code law? We may finally get a court ruling on this highly debated notion in Canada in a precedent-setting legal battle...

Uniswap Community Votes to Deploy v3 on Polygon, Contract Support Coming in a Few Days

One of the largest decentralized exchange (dex) platforms in terms of trade volume, Uniswap, has announced that the dex community has...

DeFi hack: Analysts predict increase in activities by 2022

Analysts predict an increase in DeFi hacks next yearAnalysts believe the sector will experience more attacksRegulators want a unified regulatory framework

Prominent investor speculates why Terra’s algo-stablecoin (UST) triumphed over Synthetix (sUSD)

While UST challenges the hegemony of DAI–a question of what exactly sets the Terra native stablecoin apart from the competition hit...

The reason these DeFi altcoins see recoveries higher than Ethereum, Solana

Bitcoin‘s price movements impact those of several cryptocurrencies in the market, with the altcoin king Ethereum following closely. But this is the story of...

Value Locked in Defi Slips 5% in 24 Hours, AMM and Rebase Tokens Take Double-Digit Losses

Since mid-November the total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (defi) has slid from $257 billion to $250.55 billion and during...

DeFi Compliance Layer Provider, Astra Protocol, Explains How they Can Help US SEC with Protecting Cryptocurrency Investors from Fraud

Leading crypto firms like Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN) and Ripple have proposed a regulatory framework for virtual currency and digital asset regulation.

Nervos enters DeFi arena with ‘Yokaiswap,’ $70 million locked up on first day

The arrival of YokaiSwap marks the first time users can stake their CKB assets to earn yield as well as swap...
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EU Official have called for more energy-efficient mining

The EU's market regulator has expressed his disapproval of crypto's proof-of-work mechanism. The European Securities and Markets Authority's...

Fantom has surpassed BSC’s TVL to become the third-largest Blockchain in DeFi

Fantom has eclipsed Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to become the third-largest blockchain in decentralized finance, according to DeFiLlama (DeFi). Fantom's TVL has...

Latest Solana outage leave users liquidated

Solana’s recent outage took it offline for over 24 hours and left some of its counting their losses.

‘Ponzi Schemes Have Created a Negative Reputation for the Industry’ — Uganda Blockchain Advocate

Education and awareness campaigns are still viewed as important channels that draw people to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This has been particularly...