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Derivatives data shows Ethereum traders positioned to extend the ETH rally

Derivatives data and strong fundamentals back retail and professional traders' bullish stance on ETH price. Ether (ETH) price...

Ethereum price analysis: ETH likely to retest $3,200

Ethereum price analysis shows that the ETH/USD pair is likely to retest the $3,200 mark.Strong support is currently present at the $3,120...

Could Ethereum Reach $10,000 Anytime Soon?

Ethereum is more than just another blockchain—it’s fueling a new paradigm of computing, powering thousands of decentralized applications. While Ether first traded at $2.77, it’s...

Ethereum (ETH) onchain capacity increased 9% after EIP-1559 rollout

According to Buterin, the long-anticipated upgrade has increased the Ethereum chain capacity, but while the price of the world’s second-largest crypto...

Ethereum Over Bitcoin and Cardano is What Singaporean Investors Prefer: Survey

Investors based in Singapore hold more ETH than BTC, ADA, and BNB, revealed a recent survey by CoinMarketCap and Gemini.

$100 million in ETH burned days after EIP-1559 upgrade

The Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP)-1559 played out nicely in the first week of the altered transaction fee structure. 

Transferring assets between Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon? This will help

Recently, L2s have seen an exponential increase in demand with hundreds of Dapps moving to Polygon to obtain faster transactions &...

Vitalik Buterin says EIP-1559 is proof Ethereum is ‘capable of change’

Vitalik Buterin said he's more positive on ETH 2.0 now that the London hard fork went off without a hitch.

Despite a supply shortage, Ethereum has risen beyond $3,000 once again

Ethereum has crossed the $3,000 barrier two days after EIP-1559 went live. Since May, Ethereum has been trading...

Ethereum is becoming ultrasound money, ConsenSys founder says

“With $13 billion worth of Ether locked up in Ethereum 2.0 and $70 billion locked up in decentralized finance, we have enormous...

Ethereum’s London hard fork is expected to arrive on Thursday, ushering in EIP-1559

Think Ethereum is going to morph into a deflationary asset over night? Not so fast! Ethereum’s London upgrade...

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH spikes to $2,700, set for a slow retracement today?

ETH made another move higher overnight.Ethereum rejects further upside around $2,700.Market set to retrace today. Ethereum price analysis indicates...
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Bitcoin Price Up Over 4%, Fed Retains Interest Rate Between 0% and 0.25%

Bitcoin price is still trapped in a recent dip that saw the asset shed over 11% in the past 30 days. 

Snoop Dogg’s claimed NFT avatar holds $17 million worth of punks, Meebits, and virtual joints

Snoop Dogg has revealed that he is behind the whale NFT account holding millions worth of the digital asset.

Coinbase exchange set to propose regulatory framework for US authorities

Coinbase exchange to propose regulatory framework for US authorities next month.This is after SEC threatened to sue Coinbase.Coinbase rolls out vacancy to...

Federal Reserve Soon to Release Report on CBDC Launch, Says Jerome Powell

The Federal Reserve is considering whether to implement its own digital currency, which will be discussed in an upcoming crypto report.