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BTC price reclaims $42K as infrastructure bill vote, monthly close loom for Bitcoin

Limp Bitcoin price action precedes two potential watershed moments on lower timeframes as September draws to a close.

Google, the most popular Bitcoin trend indicator, turns 23

Since the introduction of Bitcoin, Google has become an excellent popularity indicator for cryptocurrencies. Google, the leading indicator...

Bitcoin Is Anti-Fragile, Says Morgan Stanley Executive

According to Dennis Lynch, bitcoin is like Kenny from “South Park,” who dies every episode but comes back again in the...

Bitcoin Price Up Over 4%, Fed Retains Interest Rate Between 0% and 0.25%

Bitcoin price is still trapped in a recent dip that saw the asset shed over 11% in the past 30 days. 

Smart Contracts are Coming to Bitcoin through Dfinity’s Internet Computer

Smart-contracts capabilities are coming to BitcoinBitcoin’s smart contracts are not as advanced as those used by Ethereum. Dfinity project intends to  localize Bitcoin...

Bitcoin bounces again after briefly losing $40K support — Watch these BTC price levels

The Chinese property developer will soon be a “non-event,” one analyst says, with markets already shrugging off the story.

Traders buy the Bitcoin dip even as Evergrande’s implosion rocks stock markets

The Evergrande fiasco appears to be driving the correction in global stock markets, but data shows this isn't deterring pro traders...

El Salvador adds 150 more Bitcoin to its reserve

El Salvador has purchased an additional 150 Bitcoin, raising its holdings to 700 BTC.Meanwhile, there is a complaint filed against the government,...

Bitcoin is great, but real crypto innovation has moved elsewhere

Bitcoin will always be the boss, but the real innovative and groundbreaking developments are happening in layer-2 solutions, DAOs, NFTs with...

Bitcoin is ‘playing mind games’ as its price coils into a tighter range

Analysts highlight the formation of a bull flag on the Bitcoin chart and suggest that the price could continue to consolidate...

El Salvador: Bitcoin (BTC) protestors step up campaign of terror on Independence Day

There is no let-up in Bitcoin protests as Salvadorians take to the streets on the anniversary of independence from Spain.

There’s a Bitcoin boom among Baby Boomers reports BTC Markets

Crypto asset investing has become more popular with Aussie boomers according to the country’s largest exchange. Australian cryptocurrency...
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Fancy Birds, a play-to-earn game, aspires to be the next Flappy Bird

Fancy Bird aspires to be the next Flappy Bird of the mobile world.It's a play-to-earn (P2E) game built on the blockchain.

Bitcoin Bullish Signal: Whales Are Increasing Their Derivatives Positions

According to on-chain data, whales are transferring Bitcoin from spot exchanges to derivatives, indicating that they are building up their stakes.

Cardano (ADA) Foundation CEO says being late to the smart contract party is an advantage

Frederik Gregaard explains that slow and steady is the responsible approach to blockchain development. Frederik Gregaard dismissed any notion...

Google warns crypto investors of Youtube scams amidst high hacking

Google warn crypto investors to be weary of Youtbe scams.Google says hackers impersonate crypto influencers to run scams on YouTube.YouTube, a hotbed...