Since the debut of the SWEAT Token in April, over 3.4 million Sweatcoin crypto wallets have been created


Since the business announced the SWEAT crypto token on April 12, over 3.4 million crypto wallets have been created through its mobile application.

The whole amount reflects an allocation of over 860 million Sweatcoins, which will be matched with SWEAT during the token production event in July.

Sweatcoin’s new move-to-earn crypto token is based on the idea of allowing users to mine the coin by measuring their steps on their cellphones.

According to the London-based tech firm, the goal behind the token is to develop a global currency based on the value of steps and movement, with the cryptocurrency minted entirely by steps.

The Sweatcoin app is exploding in popularity. Over 7 million new users joined between May 1st and 4th, bringing the total number of sweatcoin users to over 76 million worldwide. It also experienced a month-on-month increase of almost 22%.

Sweatcoin became the number one overall app in the App Store and Google Play in Brazil less than two months after its launch.

In the first quarter of 2022, the app’s in-app marketplace had a real value exchange of $71 million.

Since its introduction, Sweatcoin has seen over 100,000 people sign up every day, according to Oleg Fomenko, a co-founder. With more and more individuals getting into the move-to-earn concept and signing up so they can get their SWEAT when the token generation event happens, this is already one of the biggest onramps into crypto ever.

Sweatcoin was created to incentivize people’s wellness, according to Blockchain.News. It’s a ground-breaking concept to enable people to better their health while also being compensated.

Sweatcoin is currently the only smartphone application that pays individuals to walk. Sweatcoin’s 60 million customers walk an average of 20% more after installing the app, according to the company’s research.


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