The value of publicly-traded cryptocurrency companies has plummeted


On Friday, the cryptocurrency market saw another round of bearish activity, which impacted the cryptocurrency companies’ securities market.

While the price of bitcoin has dropped by 25% since the beginning of 2022, the stock market for cryptocurrency companies has dropped much more. This market trend may have an impact on other companies’ ambitions and plans to go public.

According to DCG’s Barry Silbert, many crypto companies have been harmed by the liquid token rout, tweeted on Jan. 21. In February 2021, for example, Robinhood platform shares were down 29.61 percent, Coinbase exchanges were down 23.5 percent, and MicroStrategy securities were down 71 percent.

Venture capital funds continue to raise billions of dollars for startup investments despite market instability. Everyone is looking for a business that could be the next crypto unicorn, according to LMAX’s CEO.

The drop in the share prices of public crypto-currency companies, on the other hand, does not promote new entrants into the market. Anyone planning an IPO in 2022 will be keeping a careful eye on market movements.


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