Insane Luck: Another Small Miner Pockets $270K BTC Block Reward Against All Odds


Another small miner with just 116 TH/s was lucky enough to win the mining race and get the 6.25 BTC block reward.

Another miner using measurably less hashrate compared to big mining operations defied astronomical odds and managed to mine a block on Bitcoin’s network, pocketing the 6.25 BTC reward, currently worth slightly more than $270K.

This Tuesday, as reported by CryptoPotato, an individual or an organization with a computing power of just 126 terahashes per second managed to win the block race and receive the 6.25 BTC reward.

Back then, Dr. Con Kolivas, who worked on the development of a cryptocurrency mining software called CGMiner, said that the chances of finding a block per day with such a small hashrate were 1 in 10,000.

The miner solving the block was on a solo mining pool operated by CK Pool.

Now, less than two days later, another small miner from the same pool using even less computing power (116 TH/s) was also able to mine a block.

Kolivas also added that this is a new miner that “joined less than 2 days ago, presumably in response to the other lucky block solver, so they’ve been astronomically lucky in solving a block solo in that time.”

… if enough solo miners do it for long enough, then statistically someone is going to find a block. This time, the person was insanely lucky to find one so soon, but it’s all within expectations of normal variance. – he added.



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