A former NFL player is optimistic about Bitcoin’s future prospects


Many people worldwide are becoming aware of blockchain technology and its possibilities in the crypto realm. Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL) shares his support for the crypto world’s strength. Indeed, Barkley’s performance spread like wildfire across the population in the room.

Barkley claimed in a tweet that he wants to maximize the value of his career earnings, and crypto-assets are one way to do so.

Barkley’s tweet elicited various responses from the Twitter community; some expressed their views, while others just agreed. Furthermore, the tweet has received over 2000 retweets and about 15 thousand likes, with the number of retweets and likes steadily increasing over time. As a result, we can conclude that virtual assets, particularly Bitcoin, remain the preferred cryptocurrency of investors around the world.

However, the crypto market has recently struggled to attract new investors worldwide. This is, nevertheless, one of the finest times to buy and keep crypto assets for seasoned traders and investors. Buy low and sell high, as the adage goes in the crypto world. However, it is still recommended that people research before investing in cryptocurrencies to avoid irreversible losses.


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