The Metaverse NFT Collection from Adidas sells out in minutes


Adidas’ most recent NFT collection was quickly sold out despite some technical difficulties.

  • Almost immediately after its release, the Adidas ORIGINALS: Into the Metaverse NFT line sold out.
  • Adidas and its partners would have generated nearly $23 million from today’s auction if all 30,000 NFTs in the collection were sold for 0.2 ETH apiece.
  • Due to unsuccessful transactions, minting had to be delayed during the auction, although the issue was eventually fixed.

Within minutes of its public release, the complete Adidas ORIGINALS: Into the Metaverse NFT line was sold out.

Adidas Makes a Foray Into the Metaverse

Despite technological issues, the Adidas ORIGINALS: Into the Metaverse NFT line sold out shortly following its release today. 30,000 NFTs were sold for 0.2 ETH apiece in the legendary fashion house’s collection. That would bring the total amount raised from the project’s sale to more than $23 million (6,000 ETH).

The collection was created in partnership with three major players in the industry: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punks Comic, and gmoney.

Holders of NFTs will receive both tangible and digital benefits. Physical items, including the iconic adicolor Firebird tracksuit, a graphic sweatshirt, and gmoney’s trademark orange beanie, will be available in 2022 for holders. In addition, holders will be allowed to attend virtual events in the metaverse throughout 2022 “and beyond” on the digital side.

The NFTs’ early access sale started on the same day as the public sale, although a few hours earlier, with 20,000 tokens held for early access holders and a minimum of 9,620 tokens allocated for the general public (380 of the NFTs were retained by Adidas and its partners).

Technical issues hampered today’s NFT auction. Due to unsuccessful transactions, early access holders’ mining had to be suspended for almost two hours. Adidas has previously said that customers who have lost ETH due to unsuccessful transactions due to gas expenses would be compensated.

The collection’s floor price on OpenSea was 0.6 ETH at publication.


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