Will Cardano Reveal DEXes This Holiday Season?


The Cardano network has been navigating dangerous waters recently, with the latest market drop adding to the misery. Nonetheless, the sixth-largest cryptocurrency has been making the rounds on public exchanges. As the protocol’s use cases expand, so does its popularity.

Charles Hoskinson reveals the arrival time frame of DEXes built on Cardano. Meanwhile, despite the market meltdown, the price of Cardano’s native coin, ADA, remains considerably above $1. Therefore, community members hope that the digital asset will break through the obstacles and return to past highs.

Will Cardano’s DEXes Aid the Cardano Network’s Ascension?

Charles Hoskinson announces that decentralized Cardano exchanges are mere weeks away on a public stage, which will most likely come before Christmas. He says that he is happy with the team for their hard work and quick work with Sundaeswap.

The business plans to deploy the testnet on December 5th. The network reached a new milestone of 20 million transactions with no outages in its four-year lifespan. And while hosting efforts like Fracada, the De-Fi protocols are in the works.

Is the price of Cardano (ADA) heading for the moon?

At the time of publication, ADA was trading at $1.40, down 11.8 percent. The sixth-largest cryptocurrency’s market capitalization is now hovering at $44,872,286,405. While the total trade volume for the day is $3,812,400,066. The ADA price has been fluctuating between $1.17 and $1.61.

Despite its flaws, the ADA price has hovered considerably above $1. After claiming its resistance levels around $1.88, the digital currency might revisit around $2.3.

To summarize, Cardano’s ability to endure the high seas is commendable. Investors and traders will trust Cardano because of the utility projects that are being developed. The staking of ADA has been one of the most important factors in helping the price to resist flaws to a larger extent. Cardano may reclaim its prior growth numbers if additional projects go live and the technology is upgraded.


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