El Salvador plans to use its Bitcoin profits to construct a massive pet hospital


El Salvador’s President, Nayib Bukele, plans to put some of its $4 million earnings from its Bitcoin investment on a large animal shelter.

If you didn’t like how Nayib Bukele implemented his Bitcoin policy in El Salvador, perhaps his latest acts will persuade you otherwise, or at the very least convince you that he wants to be adorable.

El Salvador‘s president said that his country’s BTC investment earnings would be used to create a huge pet hospital after witnessing his first days in the green.

The news was posted on his Twitter account a few hours ago, along with other messages citing Bitcoin, a warning about the impending financial catastrophe, a taunt to his opponents who are now quiet because the country is profitable, and many retweets of other media sites.

Puppies Must Be Saved!

El Salvador‘s president posted a video showing the hospital’s design, emphasizing that he was not selling any of the 700 BTC he had bought for a national trust set up to allow Chivo Wallet users to convert BTC to USD instantly.

Bukele expounded on his concept in one of his Spanish tweets. In addition to medical amenities such as consulting rooms, operating rooms, rehabilitation, hospitalization, and quarantine rooms, the hospital will provide hair salons, offices, schools, and an auditorium.

Every day, the hospital will manage 384 consultations, more than 100 crises, 64 operations, and 32 X-rays, according to Bukele’s estimations.

All of this is feasible because Bitcoin’s growth left the government with a $4 million surplus in the Bitcoin Fund, which hasn’t affected the quantity of BTC accessible. Given the preceding, Bukele chose to donate a percentage of his income to constructing this huge infrastructure.

The Bitcoin Debate in El Salvador Isn’t Just About Puppies and Kittens

Reactions worldwide have been varied since Bukele stated that his country would embrace Bitcoin as official money.

On the one hand, prominent people like Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and recognized organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and credit rating agencies have condemned Bukele’s approach to implementing Bitcoin use in his country.

On the other hand, Bitcoin proponents believe that the president is a visionary and welcome the action on the assumption that it would eventually benefit Bitcoin.


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