Bitmain, a semiconductor design company, has halted Antminer sales in mainland China


Bitmain Technology Holding, a global semiconductor firm, has stated that Antminer would stop delivering to mainland China as of October 11, 2021, to comply with a succession of municipal restrictions on harsh cryptocurrency crackdowns.

Earlier this year, China stepped up its crackdown on domestic Bitcoin mining. As a result, Bitmain has decided to halt sales of their encrypted mining equipment and restrict the number of mining rigs on the market after careful deliberation.

Bitmain said that it had completed carbon indicator procurement projects for clean energy power generation from China’s Yunnan, Xinjiang, and other locations in response to its carbon-neutral policy.

The exact application will be discussed at Bitmain‘s 2021 World Digital Mining Summit in Dubai.

Bitmain Technology Holding announced in its formal announcement:

“From October 11, 2021, Antminer will stop shipping to mainland China (excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan).”

According to the corporation, it would actively engage mainland Chinese clients who have signed forward contracts to find a solution that is acceptable to all sides.

The forced stoppage of operations in China will have no impact on international clients’ delivery processes. The Bitmain supply chain team is working hard to secure worldwide customer supply and enhance Antbox supply. Antbox, also known as Deerbox, is the first of its kind, a plug-and-play mobile crypto mining farm with low energy consumption and practical to speed up the installation of foreign mines.

The hashrate, which is used to gauge the processing power of the Bitcoin network, dropped by 50% in July as Chinese authorities stepped up their crypto mining crackdowns.


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