Fantom Ecosystem Getting A Green Light! FTM Price Could Smash $20 Soon!


Until the recent bull-run many new crypto assets have gained mainstream attention, recording magnificent profits. Leavining aside the popular crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano or XRP, new assets are emerging showcasing their extreme strength. One among them is Fantom which rose remarkably in a very short period of time. And moreover, FTM price is expected to range high and trade in double-digits soon.

The FTM price in the current trading year has surged notably more than 24000% from its bottom around $0.0081. With more than a 100% jump in the past seven days, the asset is currently swinging along the discovery mode. However, the price could range high above $3in the next fortnight as predicted by an analyst, The Wolf Of All Streets

As mentioned, the analsyt expects the asset to climb more highs and ultimately form more higher highs.If the asset maintains the similar trend, the price could ultimately jump towards the double-digit figure target in the coming couple of days. 

Fantom Price Analysis, FTM Poised To Hit $10 Soon

FTM price currently is swinging within the discovery phase after smashing new ATH at $2.43 in the early trading hours. With the immense jump in volume, of about 106.13%, the asset now acklaims itself as a $5 billion asset. And moreover, gained the 35th position at the press time and could also enter top 20 maintaining the same pace. 

As the asset still ranges towards the ATH despite a small rejection and a minute consolidation, one of the popular analyst believes the price could hit a double digit figure soon. Analyst Pontus Trader, believes the price is following a Elliott wave pattern. And following the 5th wave, the price could hit $10.

As per the chart mentioned by the analyst, if the current wave mirrors the 2-3 wave length, the price could ultimately hit $10 as 1.618 FIB Extensions also reside around these levels. Overall, Fantom(FTM) price is gaining extream attention and adoption.



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