Tezos Blockchain Continues To Win Industry Favor Worldwide

  • Tezos is on a total roll as it continues to attract more global attention.
  • London announces its R&D hub to integrate Tezos into the country’s many sectors.
  • In Miami, Art Basel is hosting an International NFT art fair where Tezos NFTs will be on display.

Tezos continues to impress the crypto world by running at the forefront of innovation in the crypto and blockchain world. It is globally revered for its seamless upgrades and groundbreaking on-chain governance.

The most recent Tezos-centric activities include two very different yet equally impressive milestones. These include a research and development hub in London and a partnership with Art Basel Miami Beach 2021.  

Upon checking out the news in London, we see that TriliTech has announced the launch of a new London hub for research and development of the Tezos blockchain. TriliTech is hoping to elevate and implement the adoption of Tezos into the center of London.

In particular, it hopes to integrate Tezos with the country’s entertainment, technology, and finance operations. TriliTech is run by a group of experienced technology, entertainment, gaming, and financial professionals.

Together the team will drive advancement in technological research and development at the protocol layer. In addition, it will also elevate mentoring and training the next generation of blockchain enthusiasts and builders.

TriliTech’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) — Robin Maxe, says

World-class adoption and development teams are fundamental to world-changing software networks. TriliTech aims to be a center of excellence in the Tezos ecosystem focusing on exciting and unique research and development at the protocol level and global adoption for the Tezos network, pushing the boundaries of blockchain use-cases.

All in all, the team aims to contribute actively towards ecosystem development and global adoption. It will do so by working with developers and partners on the Tezos ecosystem. Together they will propose new features for the network whilst also supporting protocol upgrades.

Meanwhile, in Miami. The distinguished gallery — Art Basel, announces an exquisite art premiere that will take place at Miami Beach from November 30 to December 4, 2021. Founded in 1970, the gallery will now showcase modern and contemporary art to the world with Tezos. Thus, the open-source blockchain platform will exhibit a curated NFT art experience built to explore a fresh frontier of art, culture, and technology.

In detail, the Tezos NFT art community, consisting of three of the top 20 NFT marketplaces will model what NFTs mean to the art world. This will be done via interactive exhibits, collaborative panel discussions, and inspiring speakers. With the rising tide of NFTs, Art Basel seeks to dive into the trendy and popular digital asset — NFTs.

The event, dubbed ‘Art Basel Miami Beach 2021’, welcomes renowned artists, emerging young talents, and galleries. Accordingly, collectors, art critics, architects, and several cultural personalities will convene at Art Miami Beach to offer their viewpoints. This is certainly turning out to be a gallery for the ages.

Source: coinquora.com


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