How 90-Year Old Market Wizardry Predicted The Bitcoin Breakout


Bitcoin price has erupted to more than $55,000, clearing any downtrend resistance and potentially signaling that the bull run is back on. The move might have taken bears by surprise, however, the blueprint for what happened was created around 90 years ago.

Here is a history lesson on Richard Wyckoff, Wyckoff theory, and how the market wizard born in the 1800s was able to predict the price action of a digital asset that didn’t debut until the 2000s.

Everything You Need To Know About Rickard Wyckoff And His Theory

Richard Wyckoff was known, according to Wikipedia, as an American stock market investor. He also founded and acted as the editor of the Magazine of Wall Street in the early 1900s.

Wyckoff himself was fascinated specifically in the underlying mechanics that caused trends to form or change. He spent much of his later career studying markets, and other investors of the time. Names of those he studied include Jesse Livermore, and JP Morgan.

Wyckoff believed in the idea of a “composite operator” or a singular mind that controls the ebb and flow of the market. Wyckoff then spent his final days in the 1930s examining the behaviors of this “composite operator” and came up with certain schematics that would tell traders if the market is in one of four distinct phases: accumulation, mark up, distribution, and mark down.

Phases of re-accumulation and re-distribution are also common as mid-points before the cycle repeats. But how does this all apply to Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Price Breakout Could Be Predicted With 90-Year Old Schematic

Bitcoin price action was in clear distribution when the leading cryptocurrency by market cap reached $65,000 in April 2021, as the tweet above demonstrates.

After crypto took a huge plunge in May, it was then up to the “composite operator” to decide if the asset would be re-distributed, or re-accumulated. The chart below makes it quite clear which of the two was happening.

Wyckoff re-accummulation should lead to extensive mark up and new all-time highs | Source: BTCUSD on

What should come next, is a mark up phase. And when that is over distribution will happen again and put a final end to the current bull cycle once and for all.

At that point, watching for signs of re-distribution or accumulation at the bottom would be what the techniques designed more than 90 years ago would suggest. But that is only if you believe in the power of Wykcoff theory. Do you?



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