Summons is issued by the Summons to Circle


The US SEC has issued a subpoena to Circle, the issuer of one of the most popular stablecoins, USD Coin. The claim was made in July, but it was just recently revealed by the SEC.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission issued “Investigation Summons” to the Circle team in July, demanding documentation and data about client programs, as well as particular assets and transactions.

The SEC’s subpoena was disclosed in Circle’s S-4 filing for August 6 a few days later. The corporation then approached department representatives about possible “publicity” via the SPAC mechanism, focusing on becoming a sort of bank. Concord Acquisition Corp. and Circle announced their desire to merge. The team stated that it is willing to work with the SEC and provide detailed information about its operations if necessary. However, it is unclear what kind of information the US Securities and Exchange Commission workers aim to focus on.

Circle’s participation with the USDC corporate section of its high-yielding product, Circle Yield, prompted the subpoena a month later. It was announced as a Bermuda-licensed “regulated” digital currency product. This was shortly before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed claims against the Coinbase initiative, which had announced the launch of its financial instrument, Lend, which offered a high yield of 4% per year and was quickly abandoned after the exchange was threatened with legal action.

Profits from USDC lending on blockchain-based Centralized Credit Markets are generated in the case of Circle’s product (CeFi). Clients are promised a high rate of return over a set period of time, which is more profitable than the standard financial market offers. As a result, the SEC may have a similar claim against the corporation against Coinbase.

Circle stated its willingness to pay the US financial authority $10.4 million in late summer 2021 because its firm Poloniex operated as an unlicensed crypto exchange. As a result, this isn’t the first time the firm and the SEC have had a “skirmish.”

Meanwhile, USD Coin is the fastest-growing stablecoin, with a market valuation of approximately $32 billion in 2021, up from $3.9 billion in 2018.


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