Colin McRae’s Subaru has been sold for $360,000 in Bitcoin


Colin McRae’s old Subaru WRX has been purchased by a race car lover for 8.02 BTC.

An unidentified bidder paid $361,000 in bitcoin for a historic Subaru WRX driven by rally winner Colin McRae at an Australian auction.

In exchange for BTC, you can get a racing car

According to a recent article, the car had been hidden in the rear of a Victorian shed for quite some time, and few people understood how precious it was. At the time of its introduction, the machine’s projected price by Lloyds Auctions was not more than $15,000.

However, an examination revealed that the car was particularly meaningful because it had been used by champion drivers such as Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz. Furthermore, it was constructed for the World Rally Championship by the British firm Prodrive, and it was used by the former to win major titles on the international scene.

The car’s value skyrocketed once its past was revealed, and it was purchased for $360,000 by an unnamed Subaru aficionado. They paid in bitcoin, which is unusual.

The Subaru WRX was so popular in the late 1990s that it was featured in the Colin McRae Rally PlayStation game as the iconic car. It is still one of the best racing video games, named after a well-known Scottish racer.

Colin McRae, the great racer, was undoubtedly the best in his field, winning the World Rally Championship Drivers’ championship at the age of 27 in 1995, making him the youngest ever to do so. Unfortunately, the Scottish pilot died in a horrific helicopter crash in 2007, but it appears that his legend lives on since the Subaru’s price has increased by more than 20 times.

Can a single BTC be used to purchase a Lamborghini?

Jesse Powell, the CEO of the crypto exchange Kraken, has forecasted what consumers will buy with one coin of the principal digital asset soon. He predicted that bitcoin would be able to buy a Lamborghini car by the end of 2021, claiming that it was moving towards “infinity.” What’s more, the same amount of BTC could provide a Bugatti model in 2022:

“It might be easier to understand if we measure it in terms of Teslas. Now 1 BTC is one Model 3. Probably by the end of the year, it will be one bitcoin for a Lambo. Probably by the end of next year, it will be one bitcoin per Bugatti.”

Powell defined “infinity” in terms of the USD, saying that $1,000,000 per bitcoin in the next ten years sounds reasonable.


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