Twitter’s upcoming NFT features are revealed by the site’s developer


Non-fungible tokens or crypto-collectibles will be available as avatar images for users.

A feature that allows users to use NFTs as their profile image has been revealed by Mada Aflak, a senior software developer at Twitter.

A Developer demonstrates NFT Feature.

Aflak shows the function in a video. Users will customize their profile, link their bitcoin wallet, and import their OpenSea collection. They can then pick an avatar from their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or crypto-collectibles collection.

To ensure that the image is an NFT and not an image of an NFT that the user does not own, the profile photo is additionally tagged with an Ethereum logo.

Aflak uses a CryptoPunk NFT in her example, which looks to be item #8219 and one of 24 Ape punks.

Users were asked to contribute recommendations to Aflak. She said, “I would really love if you can share your ideas [and feedback] on how we can serve better the NFT community on Twitter,”

Twitter Adopts the NFT Trend

Many Twitter users previously used NFTs as profile photos by simply uploading the appropriate image file. The avatars CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs have been especially popular.

However, there has been no way for readers to verify that another person owns the NFT holding the image. This feature will help to solve a portion of the problem.

When Twitter launched bitcoin tipping last week, it hinted at the functionality; no debut date has been provided.


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