For its Anime Play-to-Earn Metaverse, Kawaii Islands raises $2.4 million in a private token sale


Play-to-earn blockchain games are gaining popularity worldwide, and Kawaii Islands is ready to join the fray. The NFT-based blockchain game will premiere in September 2021, following a $2.4 million private token sale round. In this captivating fantasy game in the cloud, players can simultaneously experience simulation gaming, including building, crafting, farming, and social networking.

The play-to-earn blockchain gaming business has piqued the interest of international investors. Hundreds of games aim to empower players by earning in-game things and selling them for real money. In addition, game developers and publishers can establish a new degree of player interaction by using active marketplaces. Kawaii Islands is one such game that aims to empower participants while also giving the KWT token some worth.

Kawaii Islands turns decentralized finance (DeFi) technologies into a game that allows users to have fun while earning money. As participants create their on-chain businesses and expand their inventiveness, the possibilities are endless. Kawaii Islands combines off-chain chores such as cultivating and raising magical resources with on-chain tasks such as making furniture for house decoration, presenting challenges to earn in-game currency, and more. Furthermore, the social feature of this earn-to-play game adds an extra dimension of excitement and competition.

Many major investors have expressed interest in Kawaii Island’s idea. In a private tokens sale managed by MapleBlock and Signum, the company behind the play-to-earn game raised $2.4 million. In addition, DFG, JSquare, AU21, Rikkei Capital, SL2, Chainboost, Polygon, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, KardiaChain, Polkastarter, and others are notable investors. The successful selling round validates the team’s concept for play-to-earn gaming and the overall model’s legitimacy.

Kawaii Islands has strong design elements and fun mechanics that were inherited from its predecessor game series, the AI-powered verification of on-chain game NFTs, will unlock a deeper layer of engagement compared to traditional gaming, according to Vijay Garg, CEO of Mapleblock Capital, the project’s lead investor.

The user has complete power over the anime metaverse established by Kawaii Islands. Crafting, decorating, fashion, and social networking are all great ways to let your imagination run wild. Under a “make-to-earn” concept, those with artistic and story-telling abilities will establish a Web3 economy within the game. It’s the first time such functionality has been implemented on a broad scale in a blockchain-based play-to-earn game.

This month, an Alpha version of Kawaii Islands will go live, allowing users to explore the anime metaverse and personalize their gaming experience. Furthermore, all in-game achievements and successes will award players tokens, which can be used to buy in-game stuff.

The game’s roadmap contains some yet-to-be-unlocked milestones, such as NFT farming, KWT staking, seasonal events, renting, and starting an on-chain company. Kawaii Islands is open to anybody who enjoys exploring a fully customizable anime metaverse filled with goals and social activities!

Introduce about Kawaii Islands

Kawaii Islands is a new NFT play-to-earn game that will be released in September. The game develops a cloud-based fantasy realm in which multiplayer can engage in various simulation gaming activities such as designing, building, crafting, farming, and social networking. In addition, Kawaii Islands will deliver gamers a new degree of combined fun and profit by gamifying different DeFi techniques.

Tokens are required for various crafts and social activities in Kawaii Islands, and players will receive a large number of tokens for their successes in the game.


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