A Brazilian investment bank intends to launch a cryptocurrency offering


BTG Pactual, a Brazilian investment firm, has decided to make a significant move forward in the digital currency industry. It is an attempt to overcome investor skepticism and capitalize on the growth of a segment that is still in its infancy. The Brazilian bank, which offers wealth management, corporate loans, asset management, and sales and trading services, is one of Latin America’s leading investment banks.

BTG Pactual plans to launch Mynt, a digital currency platform, in the first quarter of next year. As a result of this invention, the bank will become the first in Brazil to create its digital currency platform to compete with the Bitcoin market.

Mynt, a digital currency platform, will launch with the two most popular currencies on the market, Bitcoin and Ethereum, but hopes to expand to include other digital currencies in the future. In addition, at first, the portal will only be available to BTG Pactual Digital and BTG+ clients.

According to André Portilho, BTG Pactual’s head of digital assets:

“At this first moment, we will have the two main assets of the market, but we will include other cryptos for trading over time, We will have a complete platform with blockchain-based assets.”

Mynt will also give educational and informational content about digital money to clients, according to Portilho.

BTG Pactual’s CEO, Roberto Sallouti, says the bank’s clients have expressed a strong desire for digital currency in recent months, and he believes that the development of Mynt would offer them a regulated and secure environment in which to trade digital currency assets.

BTG Pactual has hinted that, in addition to allowing its clients to trade digital currencies simply via Mynt, it wants to educate newcomers about digital currency assets and coach them on how to take advantage of the novel investment vehicle.

Sallouti claimed:

“Mynt’s launch is in response to demand from our customers who wish to trade cryptocurrency. As a new asset class, we will also have content to educate and inform our customers about these assets and the underlying blockchain technology.”

BTG Pactual has also dabbled in blockchain technology. Last year, the investment bank launched ReitBZ (RBZ), a security token that gives its holders access to the Brazilian real estate market.


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