After financing the Islamic State using Bitcoin, a member was sentenced to 12 years in prison

Hisham Chaudhary, a “highly active” member of the Islamic State, has been condemned to prison for participating in the terrorist group’s fundraising via Bitcoin. About two months ago, the 28-year-old Chaudhary of Oadby was found guilty of seven Terrorism Act charges, and “he presented a serious danger of damage to the public,” according to Judge Paul Farrer of Birmingham Crown Court.

Chaudhary used Bitcoin to support the Islamic State

Chaudhary reportedly built up a Bitcoin mechanism that allowed him to donate $72,070 (£52,000) to the Islamic State without being detected. In addition, according to Judge Farrer, he supported the group’s efforts to rescue IS members from prison centers by funding it on several occasions. “We’ve been doing this for years, and no one has been caught by the virtue of Allah,” Chaudhary stated in a Telegram chat.

According to the article, Chaudhary is charged with financing terrorism, four counts of spreading a terrorist publication, and one count of participation in a banned organization. He was given a sentence of 12 years in jail. However, following a Probation Service, he will receive a five-year extension on his license.

“You’re an intelligent man, but unfortunately, your actions demonstrate you’re a committed extremist intent on furthering a terrorist agenda for Islamic State,” says Judge Farrer.

Terrorists using Bitcoin to hide their funds

Zoobia Shahnaz, an American member of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, was sentenced to 13 years in jail last year for laundering and supporting the organization using bitcoi.

Terrorism funding is a big obstacle that the bitcoin industry should address. Several terrorist groups and criminal actors are using bitcoin to raise or launder money due to its anonymity.


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