Australians who take the COVID-19 vaccination will earn a free Bitcoin


Fred Schebesta, a 40-year-old blogger, a local millionaire in Australia, has announced that he will fund a Bitcoin giveaway for residents who obtain the Covid-19 vaccination.

During an interview with radio presenter Kyle Sandilands, he revealed the Bitcoin giveaway. Last month, the radio presenter played the song “Be Vaxxed Baby” to persuade residents to vaccinate against the coronavirus.

For individuals who have received the vaccination in the past and those who will receive it in the future, the billionaire guaranteed a $3 Bitcoin gift.

Get Vaxxed Baby and get your Bitcoin baby

This was the millionaire’s slogan as he disclosed his plans to give out Bitcoin presents to vaccination recipients.

“I’ve had this crazy idea right now – I’ve never spoken about this. We’re going to give everyone in Australia, he said.

However, before Australians can receive the BTC gift, they must first apply for it and complete a few steps. The first option is to get the Finder app and provide confirmation of immunization. The digital item would then appear in their wallets after that.

Only around half of Australians over the age of 16 have had at least one coronavirus vaccination, and only approximately a quarter has received both doses. So to keep his commitment, the millionaire would have to give up nearly half of his $110 million wealth if the whole Australian population was vaccinated.

If everyone takes advantage of the offer, the 40-year-old would have to disperse about 75 million dollars. It’s worth mentioning that Schebesta, the Bitcoin giveaway’s sponsor, is a big believer in the currency. He reportedly estimated that by 2025, the asset would be worth $255,000.

In reality, the billionaire is only encouraging Australians to get their COVID vaccine while still in the country. According to the millionaire, it is his way of aiding the world’s return to normalcy.


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