The Cirus Foundation has established a partnership with the former Apple CEO


Cirus Foundation, a blockchain data ownership initiative, has announced a relationship with one of Apple’s former CEOs, Gil Amelio, as a senior adviser.

The organization is hoping that the businessman’s experience in the communications and technology industries would aid in the development of their core aim, which is to create an ownership economy. As chairman, he will also be responsible for directing Cirus’s sales department to assist the firm in the market as fast as possible. In addition, Amelio was singled out for praise for assisting Apple in cutting expenses at a particularly difficult era for the company in the late 1990s, when the company was attempting to develop ever-more daring solutions while fast losing money.

Amelio is well recognized for constantly keeping a close eye on the newest technological developments. But, of course, blockchain gained a particular position among them as a one-of-a-kind breakthrough that accelerated the growth of one of the world’s most costly sectors. Previously, the businessman served as an adviser to Malaysia’s Prime Minister, assisting in developing the Malaysia Multimedia Super Corridor, and then as a director of AT&T and chairman of the board of Ripcord Networks which featured other well-known ex-Apple workers. Ellen Hancock and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of the world-famous company Apple, are among them.

While researching technological trends, he came upon Cirus, which allows users to monetize their data. According to Amelio, data ownership is at the heart of the Internet, and merging this concept with blockchain will result in a mega-trend he plans to achieve through the Cirus Foundation.

The company’s representatives responded by saying that the attention and recognition given to blockchain by industry experts like Amelio shows that now is the greatest moment to incorporate the technology into all aspects of human existence.

A plug-and-play router will be the initial component in Cirus’s future property economy.

Users will have complete control over their data and the option to manage their future monetization in the form of digital money.


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