To end investigations, two Bitcoin trading sites paid millions of dollars


The Bitcoin market has been quite active recently, particularly in North America. As a result, some Bitcoin platforms paid for inquiries that would lead to regulation being stopped a few days ago.

BitMEX, a cryptocurrency exchange, had to pay the CFTC about $100 million earlier this week to escape restrictions. This market commission is essentially similar to the SEC, except that it solely regulates BTC futures transactions.

The commission penalized BitMEX last year for violating federal anti-money laundering rules. In addition, a lawsuit has been filed against the company’s founders for utilizing cryptocurrency to launder money.

The CFTC has launched an attack on Bitcoin exchanges.

BitMEX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has not yet revealed the facts of the complaint, but it has stated that it would enhance its service. For example, the platform wants regulatory bodies to be unable to access its system so that it can’t be controlled.

The BitMEX platform enabled account registration by email without identification verification from its inception until 2014. During this time, the cryptocurrency website exchanged nearly $209 million in money laundering-related transactions. In addition, BitMEX allegedly used cryptos to fund drug trafficking, terrorism, and other crimes.

Poloniex LLC, another trading platform embroiled in scandal, agreed to cover roughly $10 million to escape restrictions. According to the SEC ruling, the site has broken multiple regulations to protect users by failing to keep track of their transactions.

Poloniex’s platform enabled crypto transactions between unregistered users, according to the probe. This investigation orders was conducted out between 2017 and 2019, and it also shows an increase in crypto operations on the internet.

Poloniex skirts around the Securities and Exchange Commission’s rules.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has clarified that the two Bitcoin sites have broken federal laws and sanctioned. The SEC has also stated that it would attempt to expand the regulations against cryptocurrencies shortly to provide investors with more protection. According to the SEC president, August has been a good month because of the restrictions that have been implemented in the Bitcoin platforms.

Crypto platforms should also register with the organization, according to Gary Gensler, head of the commission. Even these Bitcoin platforms should check with the commission to see which cryptos they would accept. Everything suggests, however, that Gensler’s remarks are intended to frighten crypto exchanges.

The commission also sanctioned the DeFi system developers under the name Money Market at the start of the month. Because it failed to register with the commission and utilized two unlawful coins, the crypto site was fined $30 million.


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