PSG fan token price surges as Messi deal edges closer

  • Lionel Messi set to join PSG.
  • PSG fan token surge due to Messi news.
  • Fan token may surge more after Messi seals PSG deal.

Upon report that football superstar Lionel Messi will join Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for free after his Barcelona exit, PSG fan token began to surge, surging above $40.

Since the speculation that the Barcelona forward was going to join the French club, PSG fan token has rallied upwards.

The token went from around $21.95 on Thursday to a three-month high of $44.97 on Sunday, as reports continue to indicate the move to PSG. The price surge saw PSG climb over 100 tokens within the last few days.

However, the price surge does not come as a surprise as the entire crypto market is currently bullish.

It is however surprising that the PSG fan token is surging upwards alone, as it usually surges alongside ATM fan token, ACM fan token, and BAR fan token in most cases. The trend has always been historically a surge in the football teams fan token altogether. However, Messi’s move has made PSG fan token soar so high independently.

According to the CEO of Chiliz, Alexandre Dreyfus, the developers of the PSG fan token, he described the surge as fascinating.

“The PSG token up 40% following the rumor of Lionel Messi joining the club. Fan Tokens represent Fan Sentiment. Clearly, more fans and users of Socios are interested,” he tweeted.

What’s next after PSG fan token surge

There has been a lot around the transfer of Messi to PSG as the player has been linked to several top elite European clubs.

However, PSG continues to look like his most likely destination after his 21-years with Barcelona. The club revealed that they could not honor a new deal for the Argentina player due to football regulations surrounding wage budgets.

During Messi’s press conference on Sunday, he maintained that he had a lot of calls and a lot of clubs were interested. “At the moment, I’ve not got anything closed, but we are talking about a lot of things,” he said.

Upon the positive reaction of PSG fan token to Messi’s speculation, it is safe to say that when the player finally seals a deal with PSG, the fan token will only surge higher.



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