AccuWeather to launch Chainlink (LINK) node on blockchain for accurate weather data


AccuWeather, a prominent weather forecast data source, has revealed that it is running a Chainlink (LINK) node to deliver the most accurate meteorological data to blockchains.

Using Blockchains to Secure Weather Data

AccuWeather announced the introduction of a Chainlink node yesterday, allowing its weather APIs to be easily embedded into blockchain-enabled smart contracts.

For the uninitiated, AccuWeather is the world’s leading and most dependable weather data supplier, with hundreds of thousands of weather forecasting organizations throughout the world relying on it. AccuWeather delivers temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and natural disaster classifications, among other weather-related data.

The company claims that by hosting Chainlink nodes, it would directly provide and sell data to smart contract applications on several blockchains. It will also cryptographically sign the data, ensuring that it was obtained straight from AccuWeather’s API.

NFTs that alter based on weather forecasts, weather prediction markets against natural calamities, and automatic supply chain adjustments based on the weather may all be used with the AccuWeather data-fed smart contracts.

“Innovation is in our DNA at AccuWeather and integrating Chainlink demonstrates another way in which we deliver best-in class products to users and consumers in a diverse and growing number of platforms and spaces,” said Kurt Fulepp, AccuWeather Global Chief Product Officer.

We’re excited to broaden our reach in delivering value to the burgeoning blockchain-based industry as one of the first weather-related data products to join Chainlink.

The Most Trusted Oracle Solution is Chainlink

After evaluating numerous oracle options, AccuWeather picked Chainlink because it is the most commonly used and trusted solution for smart contract writers.

Furthermore, Chainlink already supports several weather-related blockchain apps, such as Arbol and Etherisc, for parametric crop insurance.

In related news, major crypto trading site Kraken stated on February 1 that it would host a Chainlink node to give correct pricing data to Ethereum developers and various DeFi protocols.

According to statistics, LINK is currently trading for $23.59, with a total market worth of over $10.4 billion.


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