Robinhood investigates a new feature to protect cryptocurrency investors


A platform for financial trading with no commissions, Robinhood is experimenting with a new feature that will shield investors from price volatility while trading cryptocurrencies.

According to a Bloomberg article, based on the code of the iPhone app test version found by iOS developer Steve Moser, Robinhood is researching price fluctuation protection measures to protect investors’ interests against the unpredictable high volatility of bitcoin values.

The following is the code:

“To protect your orders against price volatility, we may sometimes skip your recurring orders or buy less than your chosen amount.”

A representative for Robinhood declined to comment.

In addition, Robinhood, an American financial technology and financial services firm, is working on a “complete investment” option that would allow customers to invest their debit or credit card change in specific companies.

According to Robinhood, investing in tiny change has become a popular method for new stock investors, and it’s also a competitive market with trading platforms like Acorns, Chime, and Wealthsimple.

According to Chief Financial Officer Jason Warnick, more can be done with direct deposit and debit cards in terms of the firm’s development plan, especially given the possibility of integrating incentives with our brokerage and crypto products.

According to documents filed by financial trading platform Robinhood in preparation for an IPO in the United States, the business, which is known for providing zero charges to its traders, has room for cryptocurrencies, a rising asset class that accounted for 17% of the firm’s total income.


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