Coinbase is facing yet another lawsuit as a result of its NASDAQ listing


Coinbase is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States of America, the country of opportunity. For quite some time, people have been investing in the platform. However, the firm was accused of misleading the Dogecoin campaign, prompting a lawsuit.

Another complaint has been launched in the name of Coinbase and all of the executives, businesses, and officials that profited from the company’s direct NASDAQ offering in April.

A lawsuit and a NASDAQ listing

Scott+Scott Attorneys brought this latest action at Law LLP, and it targeted several Coinbase executives who profited from the NASDAQ listing. The case was brought on behalf of Donald Ramsey and others who allege that the offering materials were misleading.

The litigators purchased Coinbase common Class A shares, which was traceable to the company’s selling prospectus, which made no mention of the organizations’ need for “capital infusion.” It was also not indicated that the firm will face interruptions as a result of large-scale progress.

A lawsuit has been filed against Dogecoin

Before this NASDAQ listing case, the firm was accused of defrauding its users by “deceiving” them, with David Suski investing $100 in the platform for it to be eligible for sweepstakes offer of over USD1.2 million.

The lawsuit claims that the platform influenced DOGE trading for profit because entry into the sweepstakes offer didn’t need a $100 trade and could be done with only a primary index card.


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