Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold, according to Steve Wozniak


Bitcoin, according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, is better than gold. He called Bitcoin’s number one a “mathematical marvel.”

The Apple co-founder expressed compassion for digital assets, notably Bitcoin while speaking at the Talent Land Jalisco conference in Mexico. Steve Wozniak, commonly known as ‘Woz,’ compared Bitcoin to gold, claiming that it is superior to a wealth store. However, he claimed that the precious metal’s physical form might provide difficulties, whereas Bitcoin is considerably more accessible.

“Gold is limited, and you have to look for it. Bitcoin is the most amazing mathematical miracle,”

Steve Wozniak said.

He did, however, state that he does not own any Bitcoin. However, he believes that the value of digital assets will rise about their fiat currency worth and impact in the future.

Steve Wozniak has joined the ranks of other technology luminaries who feel Bitcoin is superior to gold. For example, Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy and Anthony Scaramucci of SkyBridge Capital have recently claimed that Bitcoin is better than gold.

Bitcoin and Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak sued YouTube in 2020, alleging that the streaming giants were not doing enough to prevent fraudulent Bitcoin giveaways on the site. He had already requested that YouTube remove the videos before filing a lawsuit against them.

Back then, the expanding giveaway fraud posed a danger to the whole crypto sector. Scammers pretended to be prominent persons or organizations in Livestream broadcasts and offered to double all BTC money sent to their addresses. Victims who transfer cryptos finally receive nothing in return.

Steve Wozniak allegedly lost his lawsuit against YouTube over a year after filing it. As a result, the video-sharing website was protected by federal law, according to the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara.

Steve Wozniak lost the lawsuit because the court determined that he did not offer sufficient evidence to support his claim. Although he was one of the celebrities impersonated by fraudsters, other computer experts such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates were also targeted.


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