According to a recent study, the United States is the most crypto-ready country


The United States ranks first in the world as the most crypto-ready nation, with a score of 7.13.

Crypto Head, a cryptocurrency platform, named the United States the best-equipped country for mass adoption of digital assets. Cyprus, on the other hand, is the country with the most interest in virtual currencies.

Who Is Prepared for Cryptocurrency?

Even though digital assets are unregulated, their popularity among investors continues to rise. While each country has its unique approach to the industry, Crypto Head has shown which countries are most interested in it.

The platform calculated that the United States, with a 7.13 out of ten, is the most prepared country for digital asset adoption, based on yearly crypto Google searches per 100,000 individuals, annual crypto query growth, and the number of ATMs. Cyprus is in second place with 6.47, while Singapore (6.30), Hong Kong (6.27), and the United Kingdom (6.30) round out the top five countries (6.06).

Given the UK government’s uncompromising attitude on cryptocurrency, the fifth spot appears to be a significant win for Britons. Slovenia, a tiny nation with just over 2 million people, is ranked seventh with a 5.96 score.

When it comes to the number of crypto ATMs, the largest global economy leads by a significant margin. There are 17,436 machines in the United States, which equates to one for every 19,023 people. With only 1,400 ATMs, Canada takes second place. However, Hong Kong has the highest density, with one crypto automated teller machine per three square miles.

Cyprus is a crypto enthusiast

Crypto Head determined that Cyprus is the most exciting country in digital assets based on the number of searches per 100,000 people. According to data, more than 30% of residents have googled “crypto” in the last year.

With extremely comparable percentages to Cyprus, the dwarf-nations of Singapore and Gibraltar were placed second and third, respectively. Surprisingly, the United States, which topped the previous rankings, does not even make the top ten.

It’s worth mentioning that the figures reveal that per 100,000 individuals in Canada, there are 20,783 yearly crypto google searches. So even though the figure may appear tiny, it represented a 213 percent rise in interest over a year and contributed to the North American country’s score of 5.86.


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