At an illicit mining facility in Iran, officials seized 7,000 crypto mining equipment


At an illicit mining farm in Iran, authorities allegedly seized 7,000 block reward mining equipment. The police have targeted illegal crypto miners.

According to reports, authorities in Iran confiscated 7,000 block reward mining equipment from an illicit mining farm. This is Iran’s most excellent haul of mining machinery, and it arrives when the nation has imposed a ban on miners for the whole summer due to a lack of electricity. As a result, the authorities have stepped up their crackdown on the miners, who have been blamed for recent power shortages in the Middle Eastern country.

Crypto miners are to blame for Iran‘s regular power disruptions.

Iran has established itself as a digital currency block reward mining hotspot, with the nation drawing miners because of low power costs. This year, though, the relationship became strained as the country began to endure regular power shortages. As a result, president Hassan Rouhani stated in May that the ban would be in effect until at least September 22. Illegal crypto miners in Iran, according to Rouhani, spend more than six times the amount of electricity that licensed crypto miners to do.

Iran and China are targeting crypto miners.

According to a recent story, authorities in Tehran have apprehended 7,000 miners from an abandoned plant on the capital’s western outskirts. However, according to the Iranian state news agency IRNA, the report did not indicate whether any arrests were made during the operation. Iran‘s interim ban on crypto mining coincides with China’s efforts to eliminate its miners. The Chinese government has criticized crypto miners for increasing the country’s carbon footprint, which has become a worldwide concern in recent years. In 2019, China accounted for 27% of global emissions, over three times the second-placed United States.


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