Coin Cloud plans to install cryptocurrency ATMs in Texas’ top supermarkets


H-E-B, a Texas supermarket chain, has confirmed that crypto ATMs will be installed in their locations

Texas has been identified as one of the most crypto-loyal states in the United States on numerous occasions. It has already drawn the interest of millions of miners worldwide, owing to the availability of a liberal energy system based on renewable energy sources. It has now reached supermarkets, where, in addition to merchandise, anyone can make a deposit or change a portion of their crypto holdings into fiat currency.

As part of its global expansion, the Coin Cloud crypto ATM startup stated that it would put its machines on the H-E-B network. The team also revealed that the 2000th machine would be installed as part of the campaign, bringing the total number of crypto ATMs to over 750 in just six months.

Clients will be able to access over 30 crypto assets, including BTC, ETH, LTC, multiple USD-backed stable coins, and tokens from several DeFi initiatives, through the ATMs. The experimental installation program, according to H-E-B executives from San Antonio, covers 29 locations in Houston.

The CEO of Coin Cloud expressed his hope that, over time, stores will become more aware of the critical role that cryptocurrency will play in the future and will begin to incorporate it into their companies more frequently.

In a world where banking behemoths continue to block some cryptocurrency transactions, digital currency ATMs will welcome addition. Furthermore, they guarantee adequate anonymity for transactions up to $500, allowing potential traders to purchase and sell digital currencies without registering on the exchange or undergoing tedious KYC checks.


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