Funds investing in Polkadot and Cardano blockchains raise $5.3 Million for Security Audit Firm


Uniswap is arguably the most famous example of Runtime Verification, which examines smart contracts for flaws.

Runtime Verification, a blockchain security auditor, has secured $5.3 million from several high-profile investors.

The fundraising round was led by IOSG Ventures and included Polkadot-focused Hypersphere Ventures, Cardano‘s cFund, the Tezos Foundation, Elrond Research, and Algorand accelerator Borderless Capital.

The fact that five blockchains joined our investment round through their funds, based on research by their development teams who observed our technology, is a tribute to the universality and power of our platform, according to Founder Grigore Rosu.

Runtime Verification, which was created in 2010, uses mathematical verification to execute security audits on virtual machines and intelligent contracts.

The business has partnered with various blockchain and non-blockchain companies, earning many mentions in founder Hayden Adams’ Uniswap history article from 2019.

The Illinois-based company recently established a new corporate entity in Singapore, according to the company.


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