MicroStrategy Raises $500 Million in Junk Bonds to Purchase More Bitcoin


MicroStrategy, unlike Tesla, has not changed its mind on Bitcoin and is planning to buy more by expanding the amount of a corporate bond issue.

On June 8, the business intelligence and analytics firm revealed the move, which CEO Michael Saylor followed up with a tweet a few hours later. The notes will be issued to eligible institutional purchasers in a private offering set to complete on June 14, 2021.

The corporation announced the price of $500 million of 6.125 percent Senior Secured Notes to purchase more Bitcoin. According to Bloomberg, the business got $1.6 billion in sales orders, with a significant number of hedge funds showing interest.

To acquire additional BTC, MicroStrategy has previously issued convertible bonds worth roughly $1 billion. However, as part of Saylor’s efforts to make it a formal company policy, this is the first-ever corporate bond offering with funds intended for such acquisitions.

Bitcoin is still a buy

Junk bonds, often known as high-yield bonds, have a more significant default risk than most corporate and government bonds. A bond is a debt or a commitment to pay interest and return invested principal to investors to purchase the bond.

MicroStrategy had planned to issue $400 million in debt, but by the time the sale went live on Monday, it had already seen that much demand, so it issued the secured notes at a yield of 6.125 percent.

“The notes and the related guarantees will be secured, on a senior secured basis with MicroStrategy’s existing and future senior indebtedness, by security interests on substantially all of MicroStrategy’s and the guarantors’ assets, including any bitcoins or other digital assets acquired on or after the closing of the offering,”

Bloomberg stated that by mid-May, the corporation had gathered 92,079 BTC purchased for $2.25 billion at an average price of $24,450 per token. This cache will be housed by a newly established subsidiary, MacroStrategy LLC, according to MicroStrategy.

According to BitcoinTreasuries, the company is the largest corporate Bitcoin holder, with a $3 billion investment worth 33 percent more than current values.

High-Risk, High-Reward Situation

There is a fear that buying Bitcoin with corporate bonds is gambling, but that is the essence of high-risk investments, which crypto assets are.

Bitcoin was trading at the same price as yesterday at the time of publication — $32,870.

Since the start of the week, the asset has dropped 10% due to heightened regulatory concerns in the United States.


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