The Tesla taxi company now takes Dogecoin as a form of payment


According to Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg, a German taxi company, customers may now pay for rides using the meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin. It is the first taxi company in Germany to accept cryptocurrency as payment.

A post on the Dogecoin thread on Reddit introduced Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg. The post garnered 85 percent upvotes and over 400 comments at the time of writing.

According to the taxi company, customers who paid with Doge had to have a digital asset wallet installed. They can use it to transmit the trip strips value converted before, during, or after the travel, but they must cover any fees that may apply.

Outside of Doge, the Tesla taxi company takes ETH and BTC, focusing on the meme cryptocurrency because of its recent price and popularity surge.

According to the company’s CEO, Stefan Muller, the decision to make Doge a payment method was merely a marketing concept. Still, the Reddit post went viral, prompting more individuals to use the meme cryptocurrency for their travels.

The taxi service includes Model S and Model 3 vehicles in its fleet and provides a wide range of services in its territory, from daily journeys to special event catering. Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg has become even more exciting and inventive due to the use of cryptocurrency, and firm owner Stefan Müller says he is always open to new technology.

Elon Musk, the man of Tesla Taxi, has agreed to take Doge as payment.

The firm’s CEO revealed that the doge move was prompted by his son, who is likewise enthusiastic about the cryptocurrency and has put some funds in it.

On the other hand, his son claims to have been inspired by Elon Musk, who is likely the most well-known Dogecoin enthusiast and has converted a large number of people to the joke cryptocurrency.

One of the most active crypto groups is the DOGE community. “One of the largest, loudest, and funniest groups in the cryptocurrency industry,” according to EToro CEO Yoni Assia.


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