Tony Hawk, the legendary skateboarder, has been buying and hodling Bitcoin since 2012


During the recent 2021 Bitcoin conference, Tony Hawk explained that he initially bought bitcoin in 2012 after seeing how it works on the Silk Road. He also stated that he had preserved most of his assets, except donating some BTC to charitable organizations.

Hawk pointed out that the Bitcoin sector has grown in prominence considerably quicker than his first interest, skating. “Bitcoin has taken over an entire city,” he claimed, whereas skateboarding took longer to get traction.

He initially learned about bitcoin on the popular Dark Web website Silk Road, which allowed users to purchase and sell products anonymously, and BTC was their favorite way of payment.

Hawk said that he didn’t utilize Silk Road, but he was fascinated by bitcoin’s speed and international nature. It was the future of money for me.

As a result, he instantly looked up how to acquire Bitcoin. As a result, he made his first acquisition in 2012.

I didn’t do much with it. I was watching it mostly.” – He stated, however, that in 2012 he contributed four bitcoins to a charitable group. “I wish I held to that, though,” he replied cynically.

Hawk’s group, which works to develop skateboarding parks around the United States and other countries, has been accepting bitcoin payments for a few years.

Previously, the skateboarding superstar teamed up with Ethernity Chain to create non-fungible tokens commemorating its final 540 skate trick (NFTs).


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