Users of Norton Antivirus have the option of mining Bitcoin


Many individuals will obtain Bitcoins in the coming weeks without installing any software, as long as they have Norton protection. Norton has now released the LifeLock function, which generates cryptocurrency that the user may later exchange for actual money. You will have a security extension installed on your computer to pay you cash just for installing it.

Norton Products Director Gagan Singh claims that his organization is a pioneer in bitcoin mining and security. People may make actual money in cryptocurrencies by utilizing their idle time on the computer. People may extract cryptocurrency with a few clicks on their computer using Norton antivirus, which provides protection and management.

The one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency will be known as “Norton Crypto,” which will be available to everyone who downloads the antivirus software. After deploying the mining technology, the firm expects to improve its platform.

According to Norton antivirus, crypto miners have been taking risks for many years, but that is about to change. The technology is promising since it ensures secure browsing and protects against the increasingly common ransomware assaults.

Norton Crypto is a security feature

Norton antivirus says it aims to do rid of the online wallets that are often used in mining. According to some leaked screenshots, there are currently no specifics regarding the system, although it appears to function as a group. Users of Norton can share prizes and automate mining.

Furthermore, Norton antivirus wants to incorporate predictable payments, with a particular focus on subscription costs. Depending on how much money the user withdraws, these withdrawal payments might be as high as 1%.

The report was met with skepticism among cryptocurrency traders. Crypto mining necessitates the use of computers since it uses a lot of energy. The decryption of digital currency cannot be done on a primary PC with 2GB of RAM.

Norton hasn’t revealed its operating system, but it might be built on shaky foundations. Although this endeavor is not tricky, Norton’s crypto mining effort may not go as planned. Users will use a lot of energy in their houses, and the revenues from mining may not be enough to pay off their loans.

There are significant differences between the energy payment statement and the mining permit provided by Norton. Norton’s mining approach may be slower but more profitable. However, it is prudent to wait for the company’s further statements to see how the projected mining may be used after the launch.


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