Brave Is Adding More Crypto DNS Providers to Its Support List


Beyond ENS and Unstoppable Domains, the browser intends to enable other crypto domain names.

Brave, the popular bitcoin rewards browser, has announced the addition of DNS providers to its list of supported services.

Brave People Will Go Above and Beyond ENS

Brave now supports Ethereum Name Service and Unstoppable Domains-provided top-level domains. Those initiatives, respectively, provide the. eth and. crypto domain names.

Brave said today that the browser would include various blockchain-based DNS providers. It also stated that it is in ongoing discussions with DNS providers and that it prefers to seek integration rather than waiting for DNS providers to implement DNS over HTTPS capability on their end.

The project’s policy on domain name resolution was also revealed. By default, the crypto-DNS resolution is disabled. Furthermore, if crypto-DNS and regular ICANN domain names clash, Brave will choose the standard domain name by default.

Brave did not specify which initiatives it is involved in. Zilliqa Name Service, Tezos Domains, NEO Name Service, Namecoin, Blockstack, and other similar projects are possible candidates.

What Are Crypto Domains and How Do They Work?

Users can utilize blockchain-based DNS solutions to access websites and crypto wallet addresses differently. Owners of domain names buy them using cryptocurrency, and their records are recorded as data on the blockchain or as an NFT token.

Users will visit those domains if Brave incorporates a domain name service, as long as they grant the browser permission to do so.

Opera already implemented support for the Ethereum Name Service and Unstoppable Domain Names, so Brave isn’t the first web browser that supports crypto domain names. These domain names can also be accessed with extensions in other browsers.


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