Will Blockchain.com maintain SegWit addresses now?


Code updates Developers Blockchain.com and supports SegWit addresses already Developers.

Great news for all consumers, considering that more than 70 percent of Bitcoin transactions are available on SegWit every day.

The update has been released on GitHub, and SegWit includes additional updates. The developers have applied a list of exchanges and wallets supporting this form of address to the project’s source code.

Remember, the SegWit technology was launched four years later. Blockchain technology It was not just the wallet creators that took too long to add it, though.

In the past year, several ventures have been added, like the BitMEX exchange. These addresses represented fewer than 45% in 2018, 12 months after delivery.

The conservatism of crypto exchanges is the cause, according to BitMEX developers. New technologies should be researched and reviewed first, and follow-up terms applied.

Fortunately, the condition has improved by 2021, and SegWit acceptance has increased.


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