In a falling market, Justin San purchased BTC and ETH


Justin San took advantage of the market’s fall in cryptocurrency prices by purchasing Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Sun said to have saved cryptocurrencies on Twitter. He bought 4,145 BTC. The token cost an estimate of $36.87 thousand. A total of $152 million has been invested.

Sun bought 54,153 ETH in ETH. For each token, he received an average of $2.5 thousand. The gross amount invested was $135 million.

In addition to Justin San, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor and even Elon Musk have endorsed his optimistic stance on cryptocurrencies. Tesla’s creator tweeted a “Diamond Hands” emoji, indicating that he was willing to keep Bitcoins.

We may assume that bull sellers and Bitcoin whales have poured a lot more money into supporting the first blockchain, given that the price of Bitcoin is 37,994 at the time of publishing.

The outflow of a significant number of Bitcoins from exchanges was reported on social media. Institutional buyers are currently purchasing them. As a result, the latest equity correction has been dubbed the “highest transfer of income.”


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