Sony has filed a patent on an “eSport Betting Platform” that accepts Bitcoin


According to a newly released patent, Sony Interactive Entertainment expects to open a website for fans to wager on live eSports events using fiat, Bitcoin, digital rights, or in-game products.

The Betting Platform for eSports

Details of the eSport Betting Platform, according to reports, were filed in 2019. However, it was only released in May 2021 by the gaming behemoth.

Viewers will be able to make real-time bets on the results of the eSport match using fiat, BTC, or in-game properties via the platform, much as they would in other live events.

Both bets will be made via a user interface overlayed on the live stream.

Using machine learning algorithms, the eSport Betting Platform will produce odds based on the player’s previous or match results.

Furthermore, wagering will not be exclusive to PlayStation alone, according to the patent.

Even rival game providers, including Xbox and viewers on the web and smartphone, will have access to the site.

Bitcoin is trapped in the middle of a storm

Bitcoin is now in the midst of a hurricane.

Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla, is optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, Tesla is deferring accepting Bitcoin payments before the network’s insatiable electricity demands are addressed.

While Tesla supports the concept of cryptocurrencies, they agree that their value proposition should not be detrimental to the setting.

Bitcoin is a means of trade and a store of value above and above all else.

It is still unpredictable, but it will be suitable for global users thanks to its borderless existence.

Bitcoin is also safe and well adopted. The experience of both fans and betters will be significantly improved until it comes live from the eSport Betting platform.

Considering the biting lack of PS5, the patent may be an ingenious way to create the fan base to excite those who did not.

Will the light watch the platform?

Nevertheless, the crypto scene will closely examine whether Sony Interactive Entertainment will happen and finally start.

Typical of gaming sites, despite a revolutionary and possibly transformative solution laid out in a patent, they may struggle to materialize despite having lofty goals.

On the invention of a contactless crypto cold wallet by Sony Computer Science Laboratories in late 2018.


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