Gather Network Frees Content for a Future Without Ads


The planet has an insatiable appetite for knowledge. The internet contributes to this demand by providing fresh material that is generated daily. It’s a straightforward dynamic, but it’s been muddled for decades by ads, paywalls, and even privacy violations. Content developers want opportunities to monetize their services, such as Facebook, or merely cover their bills, such as Wikipedia. Still, no one loves popups, and businesses despise watching their bounce rates skyrocket when visitors hit a paywall.

Gather Network presents an intriguing use case for blockchain technology that has the potential to revolutionize how users consume information online, benefiting all parties involved. A modern model for content distribution and usage is poised to sail those smooth seas by combining the needs of blockchain technology with the recent emergence of the sharing economy.

Users contribute a limited amount of computational power in exchange for ad-free content, blockchains receive the computing power they need, and content providers are compensated without bullying their customers. All comes out on top.

Annoyances and Intrusions on the Internet

These days, it’s cheaper to go to the library and borrow a cookbook than it is to find a decent recipe online. To find out how much oil to put in the pan on one recipe blog, you can have to click through popups, watch a video, and then browse around the various ads that crowd the website. User engagement has deteriorated dramatically due to invasive and irritating revenue-generating methods, and it’s predicted that most users abandon websites within 15 seconds as a result of this attack on UX.

Beyond convenience and irritation, privacy has emerged as a significant concern, with content sites collecting and distributing consumer information as a source of income. The phrase “You are the commodity,” coined by Richard Serra, has evolved from a description of television ads to a feedback loop of personal data that is harvested, sold, and regurgitated in advertising material. Most of the population was unaware of this mechanism until the Cambridge Analytica data breach exposed how much data was being purchased and sold.

How did Will Gather help With These Issues?

Users are cursing their screens as content distributors struggle to find revenue sources that reward their efforts. On the other hand, Blockchains need mining power to keep their networks completely functioning, stable, and quick. Gather has reached a perfect spot where these needs can be met on a multilateral level. With a symbiotic approach to revenue generation, it promises to deliver a better future for consumers, developers, and blockchain technologies.

If all you’re doing right now is reading this post, you’re probably wasting most of your computer’s processing power. Consider how many people worldwide have the latest cutting-edge technologies under their keyboards but still use them for browsing the internet or view information. Imagine being able to use the idle resources in your device to get rid of advertisements while you’re on the internet. Imagine a world without paywalls, popups, or your data being exploited indefinitely by sites that watch your every move. Gather allows consumers to purchase premium content while still allowing free content to be publicly delivered without turning customers into the commodity being sold.

Looking Forward to a Future of Plenty of Content and No Ads

Instead of checking a box to enable a database to monitor your info, you can click a box to allow a blockchain to use your extra computing capacity. Then you can read a newspaper or watch a video without having to subscribe for a year or wait through dishwashing soap commercials. Instead of running these types of promotional schemes to keep your newspaper or streaming channel afloat, you should rely on revenue raised by satisfied consumers who want more of your content.

The internet has made vast volumes of content available, but, like Rousseau’s maxim that men are born free but live in chains everywhere, this “free content” has come at a high price. Users who want to use Gather-powered websites will see a difference in their online experiences, and websites will see a boost in revenue as users love browsing their content without ads or paywalls.


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