KALEO, a cryptocurrency trader, spoke about his favorite altcoins


According to the dealer, the key focus is on the rise in Cardano’s value (ADA). The coin aims to double its value during a bull market.

Cryptocurrency recently surpassed the all-time high of 2018. This will be accompanied by more active growth, with the value doubling. We assume KALEO based on the dramatic rise in the price of ADA, which is currently $2.3 at writing.

When paired with bitcoin, Cardano must first tackle opposition, after which the blockchain will be able to rise. It’s around a 4.2 thousand satoshi standard of resistance.

Yearn. Finance is another altcoin that will benefit from investments (YFI). The blockchain makes a breakthrough in the currency pair of bitcoin. This demonstrates that Defi will pay off handsomely.

YFI is not included in KALEO’s portfolio. However, he admitted that it’s difficult not to see the potential of DeFi ventures. As a result, he begins looking for ideas in which you can invest.

Oxygen is the third altcoin that piqued the trader’s curiosity (OXY). The Solana blockchain is used to create a cryptocurrency. Since recently reaching the bottom, the coin will rise soon. Although the ventures on Solana are undervalued, the trader is considering purchasing more OXY tokens.

Polkadot is the fourth coin on the list of cash ready to start a new round of development (DOT). To go up, the currency must conquer the resistance created at 48 dollars. The DOT graph reveals that all of the prerequisites are in place.

We inform you that you can check the price of digital assets and begin trading them safely on Binance.


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