ETH has piqued the interest of 68 percent of investors


Let’s look at the figures against the backdrop of the cryptocurrency bull market. Several sources were used to compile this study of crypto investors’ interests.

According to, ETH is gaining popularity. Sixty-eight percent of investors have the second most significant cryptocurrency in their portfolio. In social media, the balance has changed in favor of ETH.

According to Handelszeitung, Bitcoin attracts 18% more investment than Ethereum. Just 14% of respondents said they are not involved in Bitcoin crypto-investments.

Based on this information, we may conclude that there is now more confidence in cryptocurrencies than ever before. Indicators also indicate that demand for Ethereum has increased faster than demand for Bitcoin and other altcoins.

In 23.2 thousand tweets over the last week, users expressed a negative attitude toward BTC, according to an analysis of tweets on Twitter. For 95.5 thousand users, this is a positive position. The number of negative mentions of ETH has decreased by 4%.

Google Trends addresses Ethereum purchases rather than Bitcoin purchases. Despite this, Bitcoin remains the leading coin in the majority of portfolios.

Bitcoin is owned by 37% of eToro holders. Just 29% of people own ETH. So, Bitcoin remains the undisputed market leader despite its declining market dominance.

This can be seen in indicators such as the age of wallets. For example, BTC has “old hands” wallets that are 3.1 years old on average, while ETH holders are 1.5 years old on average. Let’s wait and see what happens next.


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