Ethereum dominance is growing above 15% for the first time since the summer of 2018


Altcoins are gaining more and more popularity, as evidenced by the current percentages expressing the dominance of specific cryptocurrencies according to the total market capitalization.

The second most popular cryptocurrency has been growing almost without a break for more than a month, which was reflected not only by the new ATH but also by the dominance of ETH.

As you know, the cryptocurrency ETH reached a new ATH of $ 3,523.59 yesterday, but if we look at the chart tracking its dominance, here we can also see significant changes in its favor.


The dominance of Ethereum exceeded 15% at the beginning of this month, which is a great success for the cryptocurrency, because we last recorded such numbers in August 2018.

However, other altcoins are also a big surprise , for example,  a BNB had a dominance of only 0.53% in August 2018 and today is around 4.30%.

In this respect, bitcoin is slowly but surely losing it’s market leading position, with a 25% decrease since the beginning of the year. The ETH dominance, on the other hand, is growing rapidly with today’s maximum of 17.50%.



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