Spartan DeFi Suffers $30 Million Loss as a Result of the BSC Flash Loan Attack


A hacker attack on another BSC (Binance Smart Chain) project resulted in the Loss of funds.

The project lost $30 million in tokens due to the attacker’s assault on the liquidity mining pool SPARTA/WBNB.

According to the squad, the fraudster invested around $61 million in the BNB to steal $30 million worth of tokens using an unknown method.

The Sparta project’s token dropped by a third to $1.17 due to the theft of funds. The project will execute a software update as a result of the vulnerability’s discovery.

According to statistics, this is one of the most common thefts among DeFi ventures. In a sort of anti-rating, there are five projects ahead:

  • EasyFi has a market capitalization of $59 million.Uranium Finance is a $57.2 million business.
  • Kucoin is worth $45 million.
  • Alpha Finance has a market capitalization of 37.5 million dollars.
  • Meerkat Finance has a market capitalization of 32 million dollars.

A total of $260 million in funds has been looted from six programs.


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