Mercado Libre, a South American e-commerce behemoth, also accepts cryptocurrency payments


The region’s largest e-commerce store has become the latest major business to enter the crypto adoption trend. Customers on Mercado Libre can now use bitcoin to purchase a limited number of properties from real estate agencies. According to the announcement, the company, which was established 20 years ago, now has 75 properties for sale from seven different agencies, all of which recognize bitcoin as the only form of payment.

Cryptocurrencies, according to Mercado Libre, are a “innovative value haven.”

Cryptocurrencies, according to the South American e-commerce behemoth, are a “innovative value haven” because of their traceability, speed, and security, making them a suitable method of payment. In reality, Mercado Libre held a webinar for over 300 real estate agencies to provide more detail on cryptos. Mercado Libre’s commercial manager of Vehicles, Real Estate, and Free Market Services, Juan Manuel Carretero, praised bitcoin’s place in the current payment system.

“We are always attentive to the changes that occur in the market,”

he added.

Mercado Libre intends to incorporate a number of cryptocurrencies

“Bitcoin offers multiple advantages for real estate operations, both for the buyer and for the seller. Today we launch the crypto section within Mercado Libre Inmuebles, and in a few hours, there are already 75 properties available. We expect many more as the days go by because far from being a fashion, we see that it is a trend that will consolidate over time,”

Carretero added.

Mercado Libre’s involvement in cryptocurrency corresponds to remarks made by its CEO earlier this year. Argentine billionaire and CEO of the e-commerce website, Marcos Galpering, believes bitcoin is a better store of wealth than gold.


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