A Cryptocurrency Dual System to Simplify the Basic Payment and Fee Components

For quite some time, the online payment industry has been crying out for a viable crypto solution. The issue is that when used for online purchases, conventional cryptocurrencies cause a range of issues for both consumers and businesses. That is why Samecoin offers a dual cryptocurrency framework to simplify payments and fees for online payments, among other things, to revolutionize online payments.

The Samecoin ecosystem was designed with digital payments in mind. It provides a plethora of advantages that combine the best aspects of both crypto and fiat, making it much easier to make payments without worrying about fluctuating currencies or expensive fees.

Samecoin is the pinnacle of secure cryptocurrency for online payments

Samecoin introduces a stablecoin family, including SameUSD, SameEUR, and others. These are intended to simplify payments and make it far simpler to pay with a decentralized crypto coin.

These include the advantages of blockchain technology for payments and authentication while remaining secure enough for players to use it confidently at all times. This would make crypto payments even easier for the average person who is just getting started in the crypto world. Complex calculations would no longer be needed to deposit funds, pay anyone, or collect funds because of improved security, quicker transactions, and lower fees. Samecoin is poised to transform the entire online payment environment.

The dual system of Samecoin

Although Samecoin’s family of fiat-like cryptos, such as SameUSD, serves as the spendable currency, users can also use the utility token Samecoin to pay fees and lower transaction costs. This dual method makes it much easier to administer payouts and manage fee payments. This scheme contributes to resolving cryptocurrencies being seen as commodities rather than real currencies.

Why are stablecoins the essential option for the payment industry?

More people become aware of the advantages of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies every day. However, these cryptocurrencies are often regarded as an investment rather than something that can be spent on a daily basis.

Many cryptocurrencies are so volatile that the amount you deposit one day can fluctuate wildly within a few hours and be worth entirely different the next. Why would you use a cryptocurrency that you believe would rise in value to purchase anything now?

That is why you need a stablecoin.

Samecoin offers a variety of stablecoins that are linked to fiat currencies, such as SameUSD and SameEUR. These have a set price but retain many of a standard cryptocurrency privacy and security features.

Samecoins and SamePay can be used together to make it even simpler to send and receive cryptocurrency quickly. When using SamePay for iGaming deposits and other online payments, users may also benefit from lower fees.

Users can easily understand how much their currency is worth at all times by using Samecoin’s currencies.

Samecoin’s ecosystem reduces fees for online purchases significantly compared to paying with fiat while still offering extra privacy and security features (as well as speed benefits).

The Samecoins ecosystem streamlines the entire operation, from authentication to payment and receiving funds. This provides Samecoin vendors with a competitive advantage and can help them expand their scope while also providing users with a payment mechanism to understand and trust.


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