What is Samecoin’s Purpose?


Businesses and consumers will now profit from the advantages of blockchain technology for payments and protection by using a secure cryptocurrency that they can understand and trust, thanks to Samecoin’s exciting new ecosystem of stablecoins, including SameUSD.

Compared to other methods, Samecoin has several advantages and applications, mainly when used in conjunction with SamePay. Let’s look at why Samecoin could be the suitable payment mechanism for you…

Samecoin’s core applications

Although the Samecoin ecosystem includes a family of currencies, such as SameUSD and SameEURO, designed with the online payments industry in mind, the Samecoin utility token can also be used to pay for transaction fees. Samecoin can be acquired through fundraising purchases or obtained as a reward for using the method.

But what are the advantages of transacting with real Samecoin?

Samecoin is a viable alternative for paying trading fees on the SamePay platform at a significant discount. Users who want to exchange crypto with Samecoin will get a 25% discount on costs (on average, as it depends on how many Samecoin they have). Even bigger values could be possible in the future after additional levels of verification have been passed. This is for those who use the SamePay platform to exchange cryptocurrency.

The exchange fees on SamePay are usually 0.1 percent, which is still very low compared to other exchanges. Users who pay with Samecoin, on the other hand, would only have to yield 0.075 percent of the fees. When opposed to many other exchanges, Samecoin and SamePay a much more affordable place to trade and exchange crypto.

Samecoin may also be used to pay transaction fees on SamePay while sending crypto to others or making transfers to other platforms. When both Samecoin and SamePay are used to cover transaction fees at 50%, the savings are even greater. That’s because usually if you want to transfer crypto to someone else through SamePay, you’ll have to pay a 1% charge. Still, with Samecoin, that fee is reduced to 0.5 percent, making it easier than ever sending money and making crypto payments through the app.

Staking the samecoin

Staking is another everyday use of Samecoin. Users can unlock cashback and other benefits by staking Samecoin on SamePay.

These deals could include casino promotions and free chips in the future, as the Samecoin ecosystem was created with the iGaming industry in mind. Bonus deals have long been a staple of the casino industry, and Samecoin users who use SamePay can receive more free spins or free chips for the roulette table. But Samecoin isn’t only for iGaming; it also opens up a whole new universe of possibilities for the entire online payment sector, with Samecoin holders able to take advantage of cashback deals from various retailers online providers across a wide range of industries.

Users may also stake Samecoin to receive vSamecoin tokens, which give them more voting power over the platform’s future.

While many people are drawn to the Samecoin ecosystem because of the benefits it provides to the online payment industry in coins like SameUSD, there are many main advantages to using the Samecoin utility token. Reduced rates, more cashback, and a bigger say on how the system is run. Both of these features provide Samecoin holders with a plethora of advantages.


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